Ikologiks Theory

Ikologiks theory is a comprehensive system of thought that is introduced to students not as a dogma or ideology, as perhaps, it is commonly rooted in the views of most modern-day social theorist or philosophical traditions. Ikologiks theory is positioned as a conduit seeking to apply core elements of the "9PL" (see opposite column) into practical formulations like Transformation Technology (TT) or the Prosensus Building Forum.


Ikologiks theory is additionally inclusive of what is called "Central Philosophy" as a means to move beyond the dualist views of "east vs. west" or "us vs. them" approaches to life and knowledge. Central Philosophy (CP) seeks to inspire us to reclaim an almost forgotten view of life/living that is principally holistic, multiverse inclusive and boundaryless. 



9PL   (Nine Principles of Life)

In the late 1970s and through the early 1990s an innovative training program and philosophical  conceptualization to explore the "Human Enigma" was presented within various cities of the USA, and eventually, throughout the world.


The above efforts culminated under the creation of nine special multi-dimensional pictograms, diagrams, or what are revealed as pictographs,ideographical charts. The 9PL were conceptually iniated by Roger M. Davis (aka, A.M. Omar) as conveynor of the present-day Prosensus Building Forum and TTCI. The nine charts collectively described as the "9PL-Nine Principles of Life" have an individualized impact to all those encountering this teaching tool in grasping Human Transformation Potential in the 80s, 90s onto the 21st century.


The nine charts are additionally organized and commissioned to serve as a tooling for a global paradigm shift in human consciousness, as well as, a  "anti-malware/anti-virus" device in managing the discordanent and destructive nature of dogmas, ideologies (man-made) and philosophies tending to divide humanity rather than the unify the human family.



Welcome to TTCI

The history behind TTCI is epansive, eclectic and enlightening! The evolvement of this particular thesis, theory, social praxis, and transformation decodement spans some four decades (1970s - 2000s). This website has merged the pre-existing and domains into one central location for visitors to receive information, content and how to involve themselves in creation global Transformation Technology Centers, Prosensus Building Forums and establishment of a means to usher in Human Transformation Potential.


Our goals are quite simple as follows:

  • Changing the current trajectory of "globalization" from a materialist construct and quantitative view of human relationships as "human resources" or "human capital" to one of inclusion, multi-versity and coherence with qualitative measures of human transformative value as the standard of human progress and sustainable development.
  • To formulate a means to transcend ideologies, dogmas and philosophies that tend to divide us in dualistic approaches to living. Instead, we seek to foster a means transcend the limitations inherent in our third dimenstional, left-brain centered, materialist, IT culture into a TT (Transformation Technology) based global awakening of cohesive integrated thought and living.
  • To offer the practical tools to enable the Human Transformation Potential processing through Applied Transformation Technology and Applied Spiritual Transformation Technology.

In short, TTCI has a global mission that is not weighted with traditional patterns of human organizational behavior nor the precepts embedded in how non-profit organizations, NGOs or other social tools are presently being adherred to or regulating. Instead, we are seeking to help humanity explore some "out of the box" thinking and experiments to enable Human Transformation Potential.

Transformation Technology Centers International (TTCI)

Prosensus Building Forum (PBF)

PBF(s) are conceived as a series of global community-centered or regional exchanges/interchanges towards promoting cohesive/coherent integration in human consciousness leading to HUMAN TRANSFORMATION POTENTIAL. 

The PBF(s) are non-sectarian and open to people of all faith traditions, nationalities, cultural affilations, ethnicities, races, genders or sexual preferences and identities.
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